Our coaching is for you if you're:

  • Seeking deep transformation in your lifestyle and relationships with your kids.

  • Confused about what deschooling means and how to navigate the process.

  • Unsure of what your role as an unschooling parent is.

  • Struggling to find a balance between supporting autonomy and setting boundaries.

  • Seeking to develop more collaborative, equitable relationships with your kid(s) and family.

  • Having trouble letting go of power & control.

  • Challenged in trusting your kid(s).

  • Worried about screwing up your kids’ future.

  • Anxious about hanging out with friends & family that hold different beliefs & approaches.

During 5 sessions we support you to:

  • Break generational cycles of power imbalance in relationships;

  • Heal from unhealthy relational patterns;

  • Co-create a new way of relating to and communicating with your kids.

Pricing options

We offer a 5 session program structured around your personal needs. Each session is 1 hour and will be accompanied by reflective follow-up prompts. You will have access to all recordings and reflective prompts on our portal. If you are looking for just one session we can absolutely do that too. Contact us directly to schedule it!