Our coaching is for you if you:

  • Want deep transformation in your life and relationship to young people/your children

  • Desire clarity around deschooling and your role as a parent/caregiver

  • Aspire to balance setting boundaries and supporting your children's autonomy

  • Yearn for more collaborative and equitable relationships (with your children and family)

  • Hope to build more trust with your children

  • Wish for your children to thrive in the future

  • Want to feel confident about your decision to unschool (amongst critics)

In 5 or 10 sessions we:

  • Name and heal unhealthy relational patterns;

  • Heal from unhealthy relational patterns;

  • Co-create new ways of relating to and communicating with your kids.

Invest in Your Life

We offer a 5 or 10 session program structured around your personal needs. You get lifetime access to all recorded sessions and extra materials in between sessions. Each session is 1 hour and includes:

Unpacking, examining and reframing limiting beliefs; Somatic work; Self-awareness; Reflection prompts to enhance integration;