Moving away from coercion and towards consent-based learning!

A course for parents, facilitators and teachers that want to support free learning kids.

You've decided to move into the self-directed world of unschooling, free and child-led free learning. You're excited and eager to get started. And BAM!.. You hit a wall.

It feels hard and it doesn't look anything like what you expected. The kids aren't behaving the way you imagined - they seem bored, apathetic, and unmotivated. You're starting to feel anxious. You're wondering what the f-ck you're doing wrong and ask yourself if this is the way it's supposed to be?

You catch yourself wanting to control, push and manipulate the kids to be more creative and take more initiative. But you're met with resistance. Can you relate?

What's going on?

Well, there's no one liner that answers this question! On one hand there are kids that are new to self-directed learning and are in their deschooling process. On the other hand, there is you - an adult that comes with programmings from your own schooling, beliefs around what learning should look like, school wounds that influence your perspective, and the lack of a clear understanding of what learning is, how it happens and the tools to adequately support it in young people.

It's not easy to make the shift from a conventional view on learning to supporting kids in their self-directed paths. Many obstacles stand in the way, not to mention societal pressures and other’s opinions on what you are pursuing.

But, no worries! Not only is it possible to thrive in this exhilarating journey, there is opportunity for self-discovery and healing of your own disconnection from self. It's also a massive re-set of your understanding and thinking around kids, what they need to learn, develop and grow and how to support them.

That being said, you get what you put in. This course wasn't made with the intention for you to rush through it. It was created for you to take your time. Look at yourself. Reflect and question. Learn to identify when you fall into old patterns, and with time learn how to catch yourself and do things differently.

This course is also an invitation to connect with other and talk about and discuss the themes and topics that come up. Maybe even start a study circle?! You can definitely take this course on your own! But the stuff we bring up calls for larger conversation.

This course was made with love. We hope you will enjoy the journey!

Sari & Becka

In this course you'll learn:

  • The history of the school system, how the very oppressive intentions for it’s existence has harmed us and how it continues to harm the ways we show up with and for kids.

  • Other views on learning and why it's time to shift into a new paradigm.

  • What deschooling is, what it looks like (for both kids and adults), and what it has to do with social justice.

  • The importance of trust and why it's so hard to learn to let go of control and lean into trusting kids.

  • The basic principles of Self-Directed Education and why it works.

  • How to support kids' freedom, autonomy, choice and learning.

  • To understand and embrace multiple intelligences.

  • The importance of free play and how to support it in young people.

  • The importance that authenticity plays in creating an emotionally safe environment.

  • How to reframe mistakes and failures.

Course curriculum

    1. Why are we here?

    2. Where did it begin? History of the school system.

    3. Other views of how we learn: Gray, Holt & Ilich

    4. How our schooling affects us

    5. How our schooling affects how we behave towards kids

    6. A new paradigm: unschooling/self-directed education

    1. What is deschooling?

    2. Deschooling and society

    3. Centering relationships

    1. Why we dont trust kids

    2. Consequences of not trusting

    3. How can we learn to trust our children?

    1. Introduction to the four principles of SDE

    2. Learning happens all the time

    3. Context instead of content

    4. The importance of free choice

    5. Empowerment & autonomy

    1. Support kids' freedom & choice

    2. Embrace multiple intelligences

    3. Free play as a vehicle for learning

    4. Maximum support & minimal interference

    5. Authentic relationships & a safe environment

    6. Support emotional intelligence & reflections

    7. Reframe mistakes & failures

    1. Deschooling in kids

    2. Our own deschooling

    3. How our deschooling affects those around us

About this course

  • $350.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Ready for a ride?

Unlearn and reset your thinking around what learning is and what it looks like!


  • I've been doing unschooling with my kids for a while now, and in theory I really get it but I still freak out and tend to fall back into old ways of thinking. How can this course help me?

    We hear you. Unschooling is definitely not for the faint of heart! It's hard work, and most of that work has nothing to do at all with our kids and their learning. It's all about us and the effort we put into looking at our programmings, learning to identify them, our fears and limiting beliefs, and little by little re-train our thinking so we can shift the ways we see, talk to and behave towards our kids.

    The content of our course is thourough and substantial, but it's not enough to just watch the videos. The true work lies in going through the accompanying workbooks and spending a lot of time with the reflective questions.

    If you want to truly change, you need to learn to understand yourself, reconnect with your essence and realign with your core values. It's not about a quick fix or fast results. It's a process, an inner journey and it requieres time, patience, love, ease and joy. Be gentle with yourself!

  • I'm a teacher and am looking to transition from conventional teaching into self-directed education. Is this course for me?

    Yes it is, and we're so happy to see you here!

    This course will support you in deepening your understanding o what's actually wrong with the conventional school system, how it harms us and what effects it has not only in how we live our lives but also how we think about, talk to and behave towards kids.

    Furthermore, it will most likely reinforce the resons why you want to shift direction in your journey to youth support youth, and give you more stability and confidence in your decision.

    It will also give you a solid understanding around what free, self-directed learning is about, how it happens, what it can look like and how to support it.

    You'll get concrete tools to optimize the conditions for learning and create a safe environment where kids can thrive.

    And then it's up to you to do the work!

  • We're homeschooling but it doesn't feel like a good match for my kids. I'm wondering if this course could put us back on track?

    This is an interesting and important question. We obviously don't know what your actual situation looks like, and there are as many versions of homeschooling as there are homeschoolers! But, we truly believe that all adults could benefit from the content of this course and the reflective journey that is sets us on.

    We are all affected by what society values as important, regardless of whether we've been to school or not ourselves. It has disconnected us from our core, our values and what we truly feel is right for us and our kids. It's easy to fall into confusion and get lost on the way.

    This course helps you understand how and why that has happened, and how it's been harming both you and your kids. When you can understand this, you'll also be able to see how you've unknowingly been perpetuating those very same systems and patterns. In our experience, it's most likely that the mismatch or lack of alignment you see in your kids has everything to do with these patterns.

    And when you can name it, you can change it and start finding and trusting your own personal path in spite of the loud societal voice that tells you what life (and learning) should look like.

Move from coercion, towards consent-based learning!